Toni Osborn Faddis

Dr. Faddis draws on 25 years of expertise as a school teacher, principal, and district leader in the Southern California public school system. With a deep focus on ethical decision making, especially as it relates to the behaviors of public school teachers and leaders, she shares her knowledge and experience with school districts across the country through keynotes, lectures, workshops, and one-on-one consulting.

Dr. Faddis is a part-time faculty member of the Educational Leadership Department at San Diego State University. She completely redesigned—and now teaches—the final class of the California Preliminary Administrative Services Credential program: a course focused on decision-making and ethical leadership. The design of equitable practices and systems that advance student learning outcomes is a central theme of study and application. The course further explores the importance of nurturing a positive school culture and instills effective communication strategies.

Dr. Faddis is committed to “pay it forward” and cites numerous mentors who assisted her throughout her career.  She strives to be a guide and confidant  to other teachers and leaders, particularly when a complex situation arises.  Dr. Faddis is an accomplished leadership coach who approaches every encounter with patience, empathy, and a bit of humor.

Also passionate about literacy and instructional leadership, Dr. Faddis is a Fisher Frey Associate certified in Visible Learning for Literacy, Close Reading, Teacher Clarity, and Developing Assessment Capable Visible Learners.  She partners with school and district leaders on large and small scale school improvement efforts, principal leadership development, guided instruction, English Language development, and the different phases of learning.

Toni Faddis

Dr. Faddis is the author of The Ethical Line: 10 Leadership Strategies for Effective Decision Making (Corwin Press, July 2019). The video of Dr. Faddis’ TEDx Talk in May 2019 is coming soon.