Helping Principals address ETHICAL DILEMMAS with Principle-Centered Strategies for Principle-Centered Leadership

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Principle-centered Leadership is a framework for principals to identify and employ their core values when faced with a dilemma. Dilemmas occur frequently, sometimes daily, and principals who effectively lead school communities are able to manage their own emotions while attending to all aspects of each dilemma. This requires principals to have a strong understanding of their core values and keep those values at the forefront during all decision making processes.


Know Thyself

Examine Community Values

Adhere to Ethical and Legal Parameters

Promote an Ethical School Culture

Dr. Toni Faddis

TEDx Speaker

  1. A Guerra’s Journey: From Oblivious to Mindful

How does one become equity-minded? Dr. Toni Faddis, educator and author, explores the complex world of equity through her journey as an educator. Her talk encourages us to widen the perspective and understanding of equity.



10 Leadership Strategies for Effective Decision Making

The responsibilities of today’s school leaders―providing a world-class education while serving as the moral compass of diverse communities―requires deep insight and understanding of communities, cultures and integrity. In this book, real-life vignettes, mental exercises, reflections, checklists, and other templates provide you with practical strategies to:

  • Understand how ethical standards and core values drive your leadership choices
  • Approach problems through the lenses of equity, ethical standards, and your own moral compass
  • Recognize when urgent action is called for and when it’s better to methodically consider your actions and their consequences

“The daily decisions of school leaders are shaped by a set of personal and professional ethics that influence every interaction we have with students, colleagues, and families. Toni Faddis provides clear and coherent guidelines for helping leaders locate and adhere to a set of ethical standards, and interrogate one’s own biases. The outcome is an assurance that all decisions, large and small, are grounded in an ethical frame.”

Dr. Nancy Frey – Author & San Diego State University Professor

“An innovative and thoughtful approach to addressing real-life ethical concerns of educational practitioners. With its 10 leadership strategies, The Ethical Line is a must-read for all educators. Kudos to Dr. Faddis for this important contribution to the field.”

Dr. Jacqueline Stefkovich

Professor Emerita, The Pennsylvania State University

10 Leadership Strategies for Effective Decision Making

Ethical Dilemma = An ethical dilemma is a decision-making problem between two possible moral imperatives, neither of which is unambiguously acceptable or preferable.

Identify and Model Core Values

Be Curiously Introspective

Listen Generously

Ensure Equitable Process and Outcomes

Create an Inclusive School Climate

Discover You Community’s Hopes and Dreams

Unify Around a Collective Vision

Walk the Talk

Become a Strategic Influencer

Consider Moral and Legal Consequences of Decisions

About Toni Faddis

Dr. Faddis draws on 25 years of expertise as a school teacher, principal, and district leader in the Southern California public school system. With a deep focus on ethical decision making, especially as it relates to the behaviors of public school teachers and leaders, she shares her knowledge and experience with school districts across the country through keynotes, lectures, workshops, and one-on-one consulting.

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Dr. Toni Faddis has served as a public school educator for the past 25 years as a teacher, principal, and district leader. She is also a faculty member of the Educational Leadership Department at San Diego State University, teaching a course on ethical leadership, problem-solving, and communication skills to teachers who aspire to become school principals.

Toni has a wealth of experience and knowledge as a learning leader. For 13 years she was principal of two schools close to the United States–Mexico border and established strong, collaborative teacher teams that resulted in improved content delivery, greater student achievement, and increased teacher self-efficacy. As a district leader, Toni coaches and supports aspiring, novice, and veteran administrators.

Toni’s passion for educational excellence, equity, and ethical school leadership led to doctoral research regarding principal decision making in border school communities. The degree, conferred by San Diego State University, marked the end of Toni’s study, but not of her learning journey. Toni looks for something new to learn every day and is committed to improving access and outcomes for learners of all ages.